Welcome to BLM

The Department of Building Lifecycle Management - BLM (formerly the Institute of Industrial Building Production, ifib) is engaged with research into and the teaching of the design, development and application of computational methods and tools for the realization of integrated building lifecycle management.

The built environment represents the largest economic capital of the industrialized nations. In Germany alone, the total value of all buildings is approx. 9.2 thousand billion euros. The planning, implementation and use processes in construction are characterized by a high degree of complexity, by the generally fuzzy and dynamic definition of objectives, and by the involvement of a large number of different actors. At the same time, buildings, and projects relating to their planning, realization and running, posses a unique character and as products have an exceptionally long life.

With the increasing complexity of the problem area, the integration and creation of compatibility is becoming an increasingly important factor. Especially in the context of growing spatially-distributed cooperation, cross-discipline or cross-application interaction and integration is becoming of core importance for the success of construction-related cooperation.

The BLM works in the context of research projects on the implementation and consolidation of these integration approaches.