Departmental research priorities include the development and application of methods and tools to achieve integrated building lifecycle management. An important starting point in this respect is the linking of technology-oriented and methodological approaches.

Based on the innovative findings of architecture and civil engineering informatics, this BLM approach combines user-oriented integrated planning methodology concepts with "virtual engineering" technologies and integrated product data modelling. By using an integrated virtual system/building model, which besides providing geometric and semantic information also allows linking with process-and cost-related data, vertical integration across the life-cycle can be achieved.

Horizontal integration requires the early involvement and synchronization of all required competencies and life-cycle-related knowledge. The BLM concept is therefore supplemented with the complex of issues relating to computer-aided cooperation methodology and team and project management.

The IT implementation of the developed concepts and methods as software prototypes allows practical evaluation of the research results. Close cooperation with industry partners ensures the rapid transfer of know-how into architectural practice.