Studying at the BLM

The Department of Building Lifecycle Management deals with methodological and technological innovations in the construction sector that lead to new and altered processes and work procedures in architecture. They primarily arise from the use of systemic approaches, the diffusion of information technology into planning and construction processes as well as from the market-oriented alteration of construction-related role models.

Building on the foundations of systems engineering, the teaching of planning methods and strategies for resolving and optimizing complex structural issues are major course components. Since planning - especially in the context of an integrative approach - requires close cooperation and coordination of various disciplines and stakeholders, both cooperation methods and computer-aided group-work concepts are taught.

In addition to teaching the basics of construction informatics, students are also taught integrated model-based planning (building information modelling). The Virtual Engineering Laboratory allows the coupling of virtual modelling and visualization with digital recording and production processes (rapid prototyping).

Courses are supplemented with realistic design topics, with the involvement of clients and the realization of selected designs. The assignments and theses written at the BLM and the activities of student research assistants enable ongoing research projects to be closely linked to research-based teaching and training.