The main aim of FURN360 is to develop and implement a common curriculum and training content focused in the office and contract furniture sectors for implementing strategies able to ease the transition to a circular model and therefore:

  • Design towards life cycle.
  • New services/departments that can be created (maintenance, spare components, etc.).
  • New business models and opportunities that Circular Economy can bring to the sector: B2B (hotel and catering, private hospitals, clinics etc.), B2G (Governments) or even C2C (sharing platforms).

This will address those competences required to be revised for a circular economy as well as the key elements previously indicated. From this main objective, several specific objectives are defined:

  • SO1 Foster the creation of Green Collar jobs and new business models all along the value chain of these sectors.
  • SO2 Create flexible learning pathways, based on the learning outcomes approach, able to provide, assess and recognize the key competences identified of the target groups: actors already involved (continuing VET) and those willing to work in these sectors (Initial VET), along with methodologies for introducing those competences in curricula.
  • SO3 Capacity building in the sector, promoting active cooperation among social partners (AMUEBLA, SEF, BEDA), companies (Sancal, ACTIU), and VET providers (ECORES, CENFIM, HMCOLLEGE) towards the promotion of work-based learning at local dimension.

Innovation activities, including those related to traditional industries, tend to be geographically concentrated in individual entities where knowledge has been transferred among different industrial and VET actors, considering also the substantial influence of geographic culture. Innovation in education and training is rarely achieved in isolation, as competences and experiences are spread across from different entities, outside academia and geographical borders. These characteristics make FURN360 well positioned through its actors which crosscut different sectors and countries.

Project: https://www.furn360.eu