Bios4You AR 2.0

The main objectives of the Bios4You AR 2.0 project is to sensitise young students to STEM issues related to Bio-Sciences, Bio-Engineering, Bio-Architecture, Bio-Technology, Bio-Photonics, etc and create innovative educational materials thanks to the use of new AR technologies in such a way as to make all much more engaging both from the point of view of learning and teaching by teachers.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

The activities of the project that will be implemented are:
- Development of methodologies and guidelines for using AR technology in STEM education with Gamifying content.
- Updating existing units with AR exercises, creating 42 new units in English incorporating AR and gamification, and testing the units in schools through organised LTTAs.
- Organisation and implementation of 4 international webinars to present project results and promote the use of the methodology among a wider school network.