TOURINGS - Innovative Training Solution for the Installation of Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing Sectors - considers different features of Collaborative Robotics; technical aspects, human-robot interaction, installation in the assembly line or robot design aspects. Collaborative Robotics make assembly lines more flexible, but it is important to install them without disrupting the balance of the production line. TOURINGS will address cycle times and process reengineering in the assembly line, it will cover ergonomics assessment of the human-robot interaction by following the ISO/TS 15066, Human Digital models and Human Digital Simulations along with the RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) method. The project will also cover technical aspects in different robots' module and behaviour design or workstation design. 
TOURINGS consists of six entities covering Higher Education and Vocational Education and Traning institutions, Research Centres and a National Standardisation Body, introducing different expertise related to Collaborative Robotics, teaching, human resources management, assembly line management, ICT tools and Project Management. This collaboration is addressed to significant labour and societal challenges like work-related musculoeskeletal disorders (WMSDs) or lack of knowledge of human-robot interaction