According the results of the project E3D+, the 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is aimed to play a critical role in STEAM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), 3D printing is transforming how users learn by offering a hands-on
experience that inspires them to pay attention to details, get more creative and see the physical realization of their work. Getting
users to make a further step in 3D printing can ultimately inspire them to take the incremental steps that often lead them to become
the one to invent the “next big thing”, since they are challenged to think more deeply / differently.
“3D Printing’s Role in Shaping the Future is increasing very fast! More appropriate and adequate training of users is needed”
On the other side, unfortunately, broad adoption is often stifled due to 3D printers being too difficult to use, without insufficient
educational & learning & training support at present time. The situation is becoming slightly better as a community of different level
educators, VET programmes offers, etc. is rising. As new 3D printing technologies, materials and designing potentials rapidly arise,
there is also a need for a qualitative upgrade and keeping consistent and adequate level of educational support (together with the
help of available ICT tools).
Furthermore, according the results of project results "3D printers in schools: uses in the curriculum" of the "The Department for
Education (DfE) from UK", the use of 3D printing in schools heightened the interest of pupils with poor concentration in different
subjects like mathematics and improved their desire to learn. They see tangible results more quickly and as a result they kept
interest in the lesson.
The main objective of this project is to train teachers non-computer design (CAD) skilled in VET centres with the aim of using 3D
printing across almost of all the subjects. The use of this technology in VET schools will improve educational transversal skills of the
students. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the concentration of students with Attention Deficit Disorder. At mid-term, it will feed an
industry that is in high growth with future professionals, students natives of this fascinating technology.
Our project team is composed by 6 partners from 4 countries composed by organizations with different profiles: 3D printing experts
close to the academic and business sector, an international network of VET centres, one expert authority in training teachers and one
web developer.
To achieve the goals of the project, the consortium has defined the following intellectual outputs:
- Methodology for defining 3D printing exercises suitable for transversal education.
- Set of 3D printing exercises for VET-school lessons in different subjects improving skills of students
- Networking community tool for teachers using 3D printing that will contain the set of exercises
- Report and tools for immersion of 3D printing in European education and training
- Set of webinars about the use of 3D printing in VET
E3D+VET tool aims to be a sustainable open tool to support the teachers in educating students in 3D printing and different subjects
using the 3D printing. It’ll also provide the teachers the necessary guides and tools to feed the software application in the future
with own exercises and will make the educational centres do not necessary depend on their own 3D printers machines by using 3rd
party services. The project will also take advantage of different face to face workshops to improve the intellectual outputs of the